How will it impact your audience?

– Improves connection, rapport, trust, inspiration, and sales.

What will it provide to your business?

– speed, confidence, more time, increased profits and more vision & control.

Would losing control be a resistance point?


Break those chains and get more vision! Here’s a tip that you already know, I’m just showing it to you, again. To move faster, you need to delegate what’s holding you back.


As a business owner, your role is vision and decision. – Peter Sage

How does it feel to imagine delegating that little task you’ve been avoiding for so long or that you do but know that you shouldn’t be the one doing it?

I know how it feels like being a man of many hats, feeling decision fatigue and feeling that 36 hours in a day is not enough!

Some Facts

of all businesses fail within the 1st year
go bankrupt within the first 3 years
of small businesses fail in the first 5 years

I’ll guide you with branding, marketing and tech stuff so you can focus on your business more, stand out of the crowd and increase your net worth.

Here are a few main topics I can help you with:

  • Know your ideal client

    • When was the last time you built an empathy map of your client? What do they need? Are you focused on your product and services ‘functionality’ more than on the provided value to your client? Are you even targeting the right client?
    • It’s okay when we don’t sell as expected, we entrepreneurs don’t blame the outside world, do you? It’s very simple. Targetting the right product for the wrong client is as ineffective as targeting the wrong product for the right client.
    • This point is the foundation of everything else that is coming!

  • Build a product eco-system

    • How many products/services do you have?
    • What’s their price point?
    • What’s your cost of doing business CODB)?
    • How can you provide value to your customer’s needs?
    • How is that product/service contributing to your client hero’s journey?
    • Do you let your clients buy once from you, hoping they’ll be back for the same again? Or do you have a strategy to keep the touch point alive and other options for them to choose from?
    • Do you know your Client Life Time Value (CLTV)?
    • Selling once is not difficult. Seeling consistently, making consistent profits and running a profitable business, that’s the challenge. I’m sure you agree with this one.

  • Build an email Automation List

    • Would you be sending emails regularly?
    • There are so many touch points we have to create not only to keep the aliveness of your business in your client’s perception but also to drive them through their pains and gains.
    • Be present, don’t let them loose after they contact you or purchase from you.

  • Create a landing page

    • Now that you know your client, you have a product ready for them, to solve their problems, how do you present that to them?
    • This landing page will have to be well-structured to keep them hooked to what you have to offer.
    • Give them hope, and the opportunity of being more present internally, making their life better anyhow, and feel more significant.

  • Build a funnel marketing campaign

    • Having everything ready to go is an amazing feeling indeed!
    • However, your leads are not going to magically land on your page.
    • Don’t transform your landing page into a ghost page.
    • It’s time then to launch an effective marketing campaign.
    • Bear in mind that these have to be very dynamic, as social media algorithms are always changing, and so is your ideal client!

  • And much more!

      • web design creation
      • web pages maintenance using WordPress
      • email lists campaign maintenance using MailerLite
      • digital products creation and redesign
      • create your first product, full package including landing page and email automation
      • online courses so you can expand your knowledge to others and make money
      • branding photography session
      • storytelling videography session
      • regular accountability checks
      • regular motivation checks
      • and more! Contact me directly and tell me what your needs are

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the
vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” – Steve Jobs.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the vivid description of ideas, beliefs, personal experiences, and life- lessons through stories or narratives that evoke powerful emotions and insights. A storyteller has the opportunity to connect with the audience on a very deep level, to make people feel, think, and act. Storytelling is the arrow of the valentines cupid, it has to
go straight to the heart.

Why storytelling?

People love and need to feel saved, to be the hero, to be empowered, activated emotionally, to dream, to get inspired to take action, etc, and storytelling does all of that! Focusing on branding, your characters will play a key role in the story, based on keywords that resonate with your audience, based on the empathy map we’ve just created. Like so, we know we are triggering the correct audience, the specific avatar, absorbing many others around by affinity.

The way I believe is the most efficient to succeed in this world of sales, is to go to what is the foundation of the business, people. Moreover, you need a strong brand presence, and also have a good marketing strategy and business tactics in place.

All of that is only possible, with good storytelling techniques. The only way to succeed without storytelling is maybe if you’re selling basic needs, even so, if you have a competitor with a better story to sell, I’m pretty sure they will be more effective in this regard. Of course, to be successful, it means you’re able to handle cash flow and all the other factors of your business.

Building a compelling story, about your brand, about yourself, about a client’s journey, with the correct structure, will drive your viewer through a natural journey.

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