➡️ Topic for small/new business owners and entrepreneurs.

I’ve met a few recently and they all share the same resistance points. It all starts with one of these:

– I don’t have enough time

– I need to escalate my sales

– I can’t reach enough people

– I need more money

– I need help with tech stuff

and the list can go on and on, I’d say.

Would you agree its easy to identify exactly what we need or want but not so easy to find the solution?

I hope I can bring you some clarity, in a few moments, bear with me a few more seconds, I got your back on this. I’ll share with you what I share with them and with myself as well very often:

The reason why we don’t have it, are the thoughts we have to justify why we don’t have it.

So this needs a little ‘mind-house keeping’.

My tip for the day on this topic is: take a deep breath, try to feel what is that you’re moving your eyes away from exactly. Is that related to fear of loosing control? Or would it be fear of wasting money? Or even more unrecoverable, fear of wasting time? Lack of trust, or self-confidance maybe? I feel all of them and I know I’m not alone on this.

Beyond any of these layers or any other resistance point you may find when you think about this, I promise you there are another 3 or 4 layers underneath that you’ll have to peal to find the real reason why you’re in business and why your conscious mind is holding you back from reaching the next step.

Based on many of my amazing mentors I’ve had so far, we need to delegate whatever is slowing us down. Time is so precious for us to spend it trying to get better at the things we suck at. Let’s just get better at the things we are passionate about and the ones we feel that moves the needle of evolution forward!

With that said, your audience and clients also need to know and feel why you’re in business, and how you can help them achieve their next level with your services or products. And that’s when #branding kicks in. Branding is not just color pallets and apparel. It’s so much more than that.If you’d like to dive on this subject a little deeper, get my Branding & Storytelling Guide for 2023, following the link.

I truly hope you’ll enjoy it, if you have any questions or if you need some help with your business, get in touch, I’d love to know what your resistance points are, why you’re in business and how can I help.

Much Love and gratitude,



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