How to Identify The Perfect Client

The perfect Client

How to Identify Your Perfect Target Client (and Why It’s Hard to Find)

Today I’m sharing a snapshot of the very thing we’d love to work on for you, along with a few key questions to help get your strategy moving in the right direction. Finding the perfect client.

But first, let me back up a second and lead with this: every business deserves to have its own distinct clientele. Yet it’s not as easy as it sounds…

With so much noise and competition in the world today, it can be rather intimidating to figure out a way to set yourself apart through who you serve.

Knowing who your ideal client or Avatar is plays a crucial role in your entire business, branding and marketing strategy. Knowing this, you can then define a set of headlines you’ll use to hook your audience’s attention, in your emails and social media post, on your product descriptions and in your marketing ads! It will also help you pitch your brand and identify potential clients on the go every time you meet some one just asking yourself this: “how much does this person fit in my brand avatar’s profile?”

My quick snapshot on this is, define your avatar’s name, age, gender, wishes, fears, resistance points, groups that she/he attends to, mentor’s and references she/he has, what does she/he does for pleasure/time-off, what keeps them awake at night, what triggers the motivation inside them and any other questions that you might feel relevant for the purpose.

The reason why it gets so difficult it’s because we usually make it a blurry area, trying to get a one to fit in all categories of our businesses and that will also decrease the effectiveness of our branding and marketing strategies. Instead, try creating a specific avatar for each set or group of products/services that you have, with no rush. Don’t let the fear of missing out interfere with this, you won’t be missing opportunities by doing so, for the contrary.

What you can then do is evolve your ideal client’s avatar, the same as you as business owner and your business will evolve in time. If you have any other group of products or services in your product eco-system that might need a different avatar then it’s okay to do so. One useful example is that you might be targeting the same type of person but at different stages of their life or business. Like so you can’t quickly adapt your marketing campaign or landing page to that specific product in function of your ideal client journey.

Also, when creating an ad on social media, try to stay within an age of +/- 5 years around the target. Searching for woman that fits in my ideal client’s avatar between 18 and 65 is most likely not what we want, in general, try to make it for example between 40-45.

I accept that in very few circumstances a broader age range might be effective, for example Vogue readers, but in general imagine Victoria secret creating one add for a lingerie product for women between 18 and 65. They can of course create one add promoting their business values for the entire age range I’d say, but not for one specific product. Bear in mind also that people at different ages have different perception of life, different life experiences, and different values, and also use different social media platforms.

If you’d like to get some extra help on this matter, don’t hesitate and book a call with me on the bookings calendar by selecting call on the booking option, or follow this link.

As part of the branding journey, we always start by knowing who your ideal client is, and define a set of headlines for your business.

Then refining your brand becomes much easy, including creating the website design and content, blog posts, marketing campaigns, and even creating more dedicated products to your target audience!

I really hope this helps having a more effective brand, please get in touch if you’d like to have more insights!



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